Careful now….

She s absolutely amazing…

And has been trying to get your attention


You are too wrapped up in your own world

 to notice




In the background 

someone else is giving her the attention 

she craves from you

TMatt 2018


her needs…

She needs a lover….

that can feel her soul….

and every depth of her being…

and can reward her with







This Valentines Day…

Don’t be…

the cookie cutter girl…

Waiting on the cookie cutter guy…

To send the cookie cutter red roses….

Like the millions of others


Be the girl 

Quietly in the corner…

With no cookie cutter standards

Waiting for the

right guy

To send.. 

White daisies…



Or even


Because he knows she s unique

And not

a cookie cutter girl 

TMatt 2018 


When I ve had enough of

the noise…

the phone rings

the text alerts

and the email sounds


and the demands of the world..


I want to be alone..

With only you..



No phones

No electronics






Wrapped in your arms

Listening to you breathe

Drinking in your smell

Feeling safe




Get real…

The last few months, I have been bombarded with FB friend requests from men and “followers “on Instagram. These are all men seeking relationships or female attention. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that but there are some things that these types of men all have in common–neediness and loneliness.  They need clarification on some things to stop them from  continuing to get hurt and disappointed.

This post is addressed to this type specifically…..

Just because a girl accepts your friend request or whatever on social media, does not necessarily mean that she wants to date you. Sometimes she accepts to be nice for various reasons. Also, just because  a girl is single does not automatically mean that she wants every available single man contacting her. She may  be content on her own and doesn’t even want to date.

Not every woman is so desperate that they are willing to throw away their priorities to go chasing after the next “internet man” that shows them attention. Quality women have standards and know what they want–and will not allow their priorities to get messed up over a man- or waste their time on one that can’t give them what they want or need.

A lot of you want to spends hours or days emailing, messaging back on forth, going and and on and on with nothing but small talk.  Quality women have lives–productive lives with careers, not just jobs— and they have REAL life stuff going on and do not have time to play on the computer or phone all day. If I meet someone online that  I want to get to know,  I will ask to get communication to spill over in real life. I d rather have a 10 minute phone convo over spending endless hours texting or emailing etc. I find small talk and too much “e communication” very annoying , time wasting and pointless. 

So to all the guys that I just described–maybe you should try to stop spending so much time hiding in the “fake world” of the internet and start spending more time living “real” in real life. I totally understand loneliness and know it all too well-but hiding behind a smokescreen all the time is not “real” and will not make it go away. Find  a hobby, get active in church, do volunteer work, find yourself–get involved in REAL life with REAL people and do REAL things... 

That is how the loneliness will go away.  Think about this too. The only women that have time to spend hours and hours talking to someone, they know nothing about, are women that also need to be getting out and living in the real world–and more than likely don’t have jobs…or they even could scam artists are gold diggers they prey on lonely men.

THINK–THINK about this for a minute.

Living in the real world and doing real things will net “real” results with personal “in person” relationships—with real people-that you can see and touch and verify who they are.

It is heartbreaking to see all the loneliness out there. I wish that I could make more understand that the solution is living outside in the real world instead of always behind a screen.



she’s always worked 2-3 job to provider for her child…

and always community involved

learned to depend on herself because there were no others she could depend on…

huge heart

college degree

successful career


beautiful eyes…

curves for days…

but every day..

she wonders what it wrong with her

because she keeps getting passed over by men

who never take her seriously

and choose others

she gets tired of the pain


she throws herself into

her work




volunteer service….

to forget



and to separate


shut down


withdraws into her shell


goes numb