Just one….

Just one…

only one…

that is all she needs


just one

that will follow through

and show her

there are good guys

with geniune intentions


won’t become a ghost

TMatt 2018


Her lead

She had to either stay in the trenches that would hold her down..

Or learn how to rise above

all on her own

She rose


Had to






her way up

all alone

a meek abused child

Turned into

A strong warrior

That leads others

But when home alone

She longs for the one person

that can lead her

So she

Can crawl in his arms

And just be…

Dont be so quick to give up…

If she answers you back in anger, sarcasm etc that means the passion and feelings are still there despite the negativity—so you still have a chance

If she answers but is reserved and cautious that means she s not so sure but is still open-so you still have a chance

If she doesn’t answer you at all then you can hang it up because she s done,done, done

So instead of complaining and walking away because you are getting #1 or 2 be grateful for it -because there is still hope for you.. ..,