What I want…

What I want

So, I was told that I need to  make a list of everything that I want in a guy/relationship and “throw it out to the universe”  So, here we go….

  1. He needs to be able to accept and get along with my daughter, who is an artistic eccentric type and is highly  intelligent.
  2. Someone I can pray with and go to church with. 
  3. Belly laughs. I want someone I can laugh so hard with that it makes my belly hurt.
  4. A creative, artistic and/or eccentric type…someone unique and different. I’ve always been drawn more to these types. They “get” me better then other types do. I know this for sure because I’ve tried them all.
  5. A soul connection…I want a real true deep soul connection
  6. Someone I can crawl up next to and cuddle with without having to say a word.
  7. Someone I can share my darkest secrets with and open up to about my hopes and dreams.
  8. I want “him” to be someone more successful than me. So that he has to pull me up to meet him at his level. Thus far, I’ve always had to pull up men to meet me.It’s very exhausting and I m tired of being the one that brings more to the table. 
  9. Chemistry, attraction, flirting and light hearted fun!
  10. Loyalty, honesty and faithfulness
  11. Crazy, intense, hot sex and private intimate moments that I share only with him.
  12. He must be patient and understanding. I have a huge heart but I’ve been single for a long time now. I’ve become fiercely independent and “set in my ways”. I will need to learn how to incorporate someone else in my life. Its something that I want to learn how to do and I’m more then willing to learn how to compromise. I very much know it’s not just about me. However, he will have to be patient as I learn. That’s one of the biggest reasons that things didn’t last very long in past relationships. They just couldn’t be patient and/or accept my independence. I’m very much worth the wait and effort. I’ve learned a lot from past mistakes and ready to have a real chance and I want to be “one” with someone again
  13. Someone that loves Nola as much as I do
  14. Someone that loves music. I love live music and concerts…and always end up front stage
  15. Someone that loves to travel and can take me to places that I’ve never been to before.
  1. A cute butt, a pretty smile and a nice smooth hairless chest 🙂
  2. He has to know how to cook. I think it’s so sexy when a man knows how to cook!
  3. Flowers—for once in my life, I want a man to order flowers for me and have them delivered to me at work. I’ve never had that happen to me before and I’m always watching other women in secret envy. I want to be envied for once 🙂
  4. Someone that is a true gentlemen and can treat me with respect and can appreciate my attributes. 
  5. Intelligence is so sexy to me!!! I want someone that I can have deep conversations with! 
  6. Someone that knows how to dress!!! Shoes are very important and it’s one of the first thing that I notice. No white tennis shoes with blue jeans please!!! I like seeing men in suits, sports coats, etc. NOOOOOO wrangler jeans or cowboy hats please
  7. Either a full head of hair or bald—nothing in between
  8. NO 1970’s port star want to be mustaches please
  9. Active and young minded like I am
  10. No country living please. I’m more of a city girl
  11. He must have his life together and want a “real” relationship too.
  12. Family—I have a very small family that is largely compromised of friends that I ve made my family. So, I’d love someone with a large loving family that I can eventually be a part of. It s something that I ve never really had before. 
  13. He must believe in monogamy…and understand that I don’t want sex without it being established beforehand. That s something I’m adamant about. 
  14. He must accept my dogs. I don’t need him to love and spoil them like I do, just to accept they are part of my life
  15. Communication-he must know the value of communication, being direct and  honest. 
  16. Someone that will slow dance with me to my fave Mazzy Star song 🙂 
  17. Someone with old fashioned values and morals.
  18. Someone that adores me and makes me feel loved, wanted and that I m an important part of his life. 
  19. I have a career, not a job. I am the Senior Prior Authorization nurse for my states most reputable contracted Medicaid company. I work with a lot of very important medical and business people with big long titles. My career is important to me. Besides my daughter, its all that I really have and I ve worked very hard to get where I am in my career. I stay very busy and cant always immediately answer texts, calls emails etc. So “he” needs to understand that.  I ve lost lots of potentials over my career- because they want a woman to always be readily available at the drop of a hat. I also commute almost 2 hours daily, which doesn’t help.  One day, if I meet “him” and get married, I d be happy to slow it all down. For now though, it allows me to be financially independent and I need “him” to be supportive and understanding of it. 
  20. Someone that thinks I m worth fighting for and would fight for me in the same way that I d fight for him. 
  21. Someone willing to give me all that I m willing to give him. 

So there you go “universe”. Take that…..and maybe send it to me. 🙂


Smiles :)

I get crazy messages on POF all the time. In addition, the influx of all the ” hey sexy”, ” hi baby” types just makes my eyes roll.

Today, I got this one and it had made me smiling all morning 🙂


He s not someone that I d date but even so, he still brightened my morning 🙂

One day,  I ll get one similiar from someone that I actually would want to date 🙂

The dude with small feet…..

I had some laughs telling this story to a couple of friends yesterday. They told me that I HAD to post it because it’s hilarious. So here you go…….

When I was born, the Dr forcefully used forceps to get me out. This damaged the optic nerve and muscle to my left eye so the alignment is off and I’m unable to move it in certain directions.

This is not my fault and I had/have absolutely no control over this whatsoever. I did have surgery when I was younger to help correct some of it, however, there is nothing you can do to heal a nerve.

I am very self consciousness of it and I absolutely hate it. When I was a kid and even as an adult, I’ve been the subject of many hurtful jokes. It’s interesting that the same people that laugh at me for it would never laugh or make fun of someone in a wheelchair.

In any case….

A few years ago I dated this guy and we had gotten pretty close. One day, out of the blue, he just pulled the disappearing act and didn’t really give me a reason. Later, I found out it was because he said that he would be embarrassed to be seen with me because of my eye  and actually was making fun of me because of it.

Initially, I was very hurt. When I got tired of crying, I decided that I was not going to take that laying down, especially since he was born with a major physical problem as well—very-VERY- small “feet” *cough, cough*

So, I called him and confronted him. I asked why he was doing that because I never made fun of him because of his “feet” because, bless his heart, it wasn’t his fault either. Then I asked him how he would feel if I was laughing about it to my friends.

There was a long pause followed by a multitude of apologies. I told him to “f off” and hung up on him. The following weeks, he continued to call me telling me that he was wrong, was so sorry, I was beautiful, amazing, blah blah blah and wanted a second chance.

I explained to him that I could be the bigger person and forgive him for his hateful and hurtful actions. However, the “feet” were a big problem–not so much the size  but the fact that he just really didn’t know how to make good use of “them” and make me happy. Therefore, there was no way I’d give him a second chance.

I still hear from him from time to time, still wanting to have a second chance. The last time, I told him to please stop contacting me because I now prefer to date men with bigger *feet*

I’m a very easy going,soft spoken,understanding, non judgmental, forgiving and compassionate person. The biggest mistake people make is taking my kindness for weakness-obviously.

Karma is a bitch 😜

There you go…..hopefully, your laugh for the day 🙂





Kink or no Kink?

The last 3 blog posts were pretty intense so I felt like playing a little bit today. I just received this very “interesting” message on Plenty of Fish.


At least he was being respectful about it…or was he? Hmmm…Is it possible to be a freak but a gentlemen at the same time?  Can you have a “real” relationship that involves kink?  Hmmm…maybe… Christain Grey… but that’s not real life.

I find this to be a very brazen first message  and not the type I care to receive. However,  I so admire  and respect his honesty and directness at the same time.

As far as the “kinky” aspect…that is so subjective. What one views as kinky another can view as normal and vice versa.

I sent this to my BFF to give her a laugh and her response was “do you think you are kinky enough for him”?

Well, I don’t know his level of kinky. Therefore,  I can’t answer that but it’s all very irrelevant anyway because he’s not someone I find attractive. No level of “kinkiness” or “non kinkiness” can get me excited enough to have sex with someone I’m not attracted to.

My day, thus far, has involved heavy discussions over state hospice Medicaid policies  with “suits” and Dr’s with big titles.

Now my brain has shifted to a very different direction and I’m surveying what my “level of kinky” may be :p

Isn’t it wild how our minds can change in so many different directions in one day?


So off I go to do another self eval….

Sorry but when I discover the answers to this one, I will not disclose them publicly. Thats something for just that “special guy” (if “he” ever comes”) and maybe my BFF.

HA! Now I have all of you thinking about this now too 😛

Have a good day…

Peace & love