For the guys…..

I have interacted with a lot of males that complained to me about their dating difficulties as much, if not more, then women do.

There are some things that I have observed in todays’ dating society that may or may not apply to some of these negative situations that I have heard from men. This is all my own personal opinion/observations and it’s perfectly ok if some people do not agree.

One thing that I have noticed is that there is an increasingly amount of men that would prefer women to pursue them. Personally, I have a lot of personal experience with this.

If they choose to be like that, then that is their choice. However, there is something that they may not realize.

Quality women that know their value and have self worth and self respect will not chase after a man and/or throw themselves at them. They want the man to be the man and pursue them the old fashioned way-or at least I do anyway.

Another thing that I observed is that some of the men I have communicated with have very low self esteems. They think “there is  no way that a girl like that would be interested in me”. This is self sabotage and if that is truly how they feel about themselves it sends out negative vibes and messages that push women away. They  probably don’t even realize that they are doing this.  In addition, a woman of value very well knows that she can’t “fix a man” and is not going to waste her time trying and will simply walk away.

Self absorption. That is another issue that I see. Men could have an incredible amazing women standing right in front of him showing signs that she is interested and they don’t even notice. Some women are ok with being straight forward and others not some much. Remember a women with self respect and quality is highly unlikely to completely throw herself at a man. She will give subtle compliments etc and if he so caught up in himself and/or his own world to even see it, she will give up and move on.

Gentlemen remember, once a woman is done she is done. Maybe some of you just need to pay attention a little more and consider some of the things that I just spoke of. Just food for thought. It may save you from missing out-if it’s not already too late.

Thanks for reading,

Peace & love,





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