Hodge’s Gardens…

Hodge’s Gardens…

It’s a state park in north Louisiana close to the Texas/La border. I had always heard about how beautiful it was and always wanted to go.

A few days before my daughters prom, I read that the park is in danger of closing due to state budget cuts so I knew I needed to get out there soon.  Since I knew that it was not that far away from the town my daughter is in, I pulled it up on Google and researched it. It was only 45 minutes away from where I was staying.

The day after prom, I checked out my hotel super early in the morning and drove out there.

Just the drive there was amazing. It was all country roads with a lot of hills. I live in south La where it is very flat so being around hills is kind of a big deal.

The park is just awesome. I wish that I would ve had more time to spend out there! There are many trails and places to explore. My time was limited so I was not able to do everything that I wanted. However, I did very much enjoy myself and experienced some “soul healing”.

It wasn’t as sunny that morning and I was a lot more relaxed.  I felt much more comfortable shooting then the day before.  I was able to practice doing macro’s on the many flowers out there. Macro’s aren’t what I am best at but I did a much better job with them that day so I know that my techniques are improving.

Here are some of my favorites…oh and the one with the lighthouse won me an award on Pixoto..


St Francis..
the St Francis prayer…at the foot of the St Francis statue. It’s always been my fave prayer and I knew I was supposed to be there that day when I found it..
my favorite flowers!-the simple white daisy! 🙂


Texas overlook….stand in La and look into Texas….



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