While most families were doing traditional Easter things on Easter Sunday,…….

My daughter is an artist in her own rite. She plays piano, writes, draws, paints, acts, does theatre make up, and is developing her own graphic novel series…she does it all.  Next year she will be going to college and majoring in computer animation in pursuit of her dream to be an animator.

She also does very well with modeling and makes it so easy for me!! I love her style of dress and her outfit  that day inspired me to go downtown and shoot, after we had a brief family lunch…

It was a perfect day for it.  Since it was Easter Sunday, the streets were empty. I still struggled with shadows but I’m starting to understand how to work with light more.  In addition, I started experimenting with different angles. I shot them all in manual mode, which I’m excited about!

So far, I ve won an additional 3 Pixoto awards from some of these. The one of her on the bench was voted the  #6  best of the day (novice)

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