Paying It Forward…

About 5 years ago, I was working as a staff nurse at a dialysis clinic. The hours were very rough. I had to wake up about 3 AM every morning to travel over 30 miles to be at the clinic for 4 30-5 AM.

My daughter stayed overnight at my parents house and they would bring her to school for me this next day. This helped so that I wouldn’t have to wake her up so early in the morning.

Eventually, life became very difficult and overwhelming because I worked a lot. I d wake up at 3 , be at work before 5 and work until 6-7 PM and have to travel the distance back home…and then do it all over again the next morning.

My daughter was spending more time at my moms then at home.

To make matters worse, I was barely making it paycheck to paycheck.

The car I had at the time had over 200 thou miles on it and desperately needed a new one.  In addition, the carpet in my house was so bad that I was too embarrassed to have people over to visit.

I ended up in a very despondent place and had become incrediably cynical and did not have any hope and faith in people, God and/or life anymore.

One day, on my lunch break, I went to the drive through of a coffee place close to the clinic.  Ahead of me, in line, was an older truck plastered in religious bumper stickers.

When it was my turn at the window, the server informed me that the lady in the truck paid for my coffee and sent me a message to have a “blessed year”.

Words just can not simply describe the feeling that small act of kindness gave me.

It touched me in a way that gave me hope and faith again. It was also the first time in years that I cried over something beautiful instead of something heartbreaking.

On occasion,  I have secretly wondered if that lady was actually an angel in disguise.

A couple of days after that, I was offered a job as a hospice nurse closer to my home with a significant salary increase. Between the new pay and the extra income from being on call, I was able to purchase a brand new car and went on to change the floors in my house, buy new furniture and do various other remodeling projects.

In addition, I gradually moved my way up to D.O.N which provided an even larger salary.

From there, I accepted another D.O.N. position of another agency.

This management experience gave me what I needed to be able to move on into the even better position that I am in now-a Senior nurse in a Fortune 500 Company that comes along with amazing benefits, an even better salary and what’s considered to be “posh” schedule in the medical world.

That small act of kindness at the drive through is what triggered it all.

All of this time, I never forget about that blessing that was given to me. I always knew that I needed to pay it forward but my intuition told me that I needed to wait for that “perfect time”.

Almost 5 years later, that “time” came.

On Sat, I was running around town and for some odd reason, I kept thinking about that incident and I just knew that I needed to do it that day.

I went to the drive thru of the coffee shop that my instincts told me to go to. At first, I was doubting myself  though because there was no car behind me.

Once I recieved my coffee from the worker, a car drove up behind me all of a sudden-and I knew that was the one.

So, I gave my credit card back to the employee and told her I wanted to pay for the lady behind me without even asking how much her order was.

I sincerely hope that I was able to pass on all the blessings that was so graciously given to me.

Never underestimate the power of a very small acts of kindness!

Thanks for reading!

Peace and love,


#payitforward  #randomactsofkindness





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