MIA: Old Fashioned Romance

Old Fashioned romance…….


What has happened to it?

In this day of “’instant gratification” it seems to have been lost

“Real” values and sweet simple gestures now seem to be considered to be out dated.

I would prefer to have a “real”  10-minute phone conversation over ‘all day long’ pointless BS texting or via other forms of electronic communication

I want flowers instead of JPEG or GIF images

I want sitting under the stars holding hands or cuddling on the couch instead of going to the newest trendiest restaurant.

I want a real soul connection

I want someone to ask me how my day was.


I want REAL

The feeling of butterflies when you see a special someone.

I want to see the twinkle in his eye when he sees s me.

I want to be the reason behind his smile

I want to inhale and get drunk off his cologne when he holds me.

I want to be treated like a lady..

having my door opened for me and feeling his hand on my lower back leading me….

help taking off and putting on my coat…

having my chair pulled out for me.

I want to be respected and valued.

I want to be addressed by my name…

Not sexy



But beautiful is ok 🙂

I want someone that doesn’t expect sex so soon because I prefer it to be meaningful.

I want those small sweet gestures that are so now overlooked. Its those small things that mean the most to me.

I’m tired of the swiping left and right…

Having inappropriate pictures sent to me

One-night stand requests


Expectations of sex after soon meeting


Requests for threesomes etc

I am tired of being one of many options.

I want someone that wants to take the time to get to know me—and me alone.

I want monogamy.

All these things that hold true to me are very rare to find these days.

I feel like the “uptight girl” in a world where quick casual sex and serial dating is the norm.

I’d rather be that odd ball out instead of selling myself to try and fit in.

I want the “old fashioned” stuff over anything else.

Until then….

I will be the “uptight dork” hiding behind my Canon and MAC until it comes along…











One thought on “MIA: Old Fashioned Romance”

  1. It’s out there my friend I promise! I had it for two of the most wonderful years of my life until he died 6 and a half years ago! I still miss him every day!


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