Remembering my dad today…..

Today is the anniversary of my dad’s accidental death….

It was 19 years ago but some days it still feels so fresh and raw…

This morning, I woke up remembering every single detail of that entire day….and the associated emotions…PTSD does that sometimes…

Thankfully, I am at peace with God and know how to turn to Him to get me through this day…

I will allow myself to feel what I need to feel but will not focus all my time and energy on it….I still have a life to live and I know that he wants me to live it…

My daughter is home for Mardi Gras break so I am going to spend time with her and focus on all the blessings of my life

Here is the link to the blog post I wrote regarding his accident…I share these things because I want other people who go through simialer experiences to know that they are not alone…My dad, my hero…and the first time my world stood still



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