Ego busting….

One of my biggest pet peeves is when men address me as “honey, baby, sweetheart” etc. My name is Tiffany and thats the name that I like to be called.

It irrates me so much that in my online profile I add that in my profile-to please address me by my name and not those demeaning pet names.

You know what else aggravates me? Men with big egos that are just full of shit.

Do you know what gives me great pleasure? Busting those egos.

I think it must be some sort of power trip that I get off of sometimes. Mostly though, I think I’m just fed up with BS.

Today, I got this message and it just really rubbed me the wrong way:



My reply:


Ol’ Harold needs to get sit his ass in a corner somewhere and check himself-and learn how to read profiles before messaging someone….and maybe even learn some grammar.

Some of you may think that his message isn’t so bad. It may not be as it stands alone but his pictures told a story of a “player want to be’ that thinks he is God’s gift to women. Trust me, he is most definelty not.  In addition, he really should not have pics of himself without a shirt on either.

Are ya’ll starting to get a good visual?

Bless his poor lil heart…







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