Your so vain…..


So I got a message today from a very “old friend”. He wanted to know if one of the many recent poems I wrote was about him.

I thought that was hilarious. Especially, since he gave himself away that he’s been stalking me- even though “I’m not the girl for him”.

He caught me at a very bad time, obviously, as he’s about to find out.

Answer his question directly? Nah, I don’t think that would be very much fun. However, I will confirm to him-YOU– that this this post  is allll about you, sir.

Did you know that my blog is being read in over 18 countries? Smile big for the camera.

When I write creatively, I may not always be speaking about and/or drawing from my own personal experiences. Sometimes, I get inspired from certain characters, other people’s stories etc. I have the ability to write from many people’s different perspectives.

With some things, I may be talking 100% about my experience, may use only part of my own situation, I could be telling someone else’s story or I could be making it up altogether.

That poem?  Which one did I use? HA!  You’ll never know.

Please, sir, if you learn anything at all from this I hope that it is the following:

  1. Be nicer to people. You were a total dick to me which is why you do not have my respect.
  2. Karma is indeed a bitch…and I can be too.
  3. STOP STALKING ME. If I’m “not the girl for you” then my life is not your business.
  4. NEVER and I mean NEVER mistake my big heart, kindness and forgiving nature for weakness.
  5. Never f&*! with a writer.

That is all….









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