His sorrow

He awkwardly walks in to the dark room shaking off the cold and wet

Scruff noted with a linger of despair

He sits and hunches over the bar in the darkest of corners


Gruffly whispers his poison to the server

Takes a small sip

And starts to reflect

Does she know that as she awakes and goes through her morning routine that he thinks about her…

Does she know that as she works and moves through the craziness of her day that he wants to know how she is doing..

Does she know that he secretly hopes to hear her voice again..

Does she know that when he lays to sleep that he still longs for her

Wondering if

She misses his caress and hot breath

And the passion

Exchanged in their

Long depth of soul stares

When she wakes up in the middle of the night

Can she sense his spiritual presence…

If she does

Does she yearn for him too

Or does she roll over and go back to sleep


She turns around and experiences those very same things with a new lover instead

Unable to fathom the thought of the latter

He closes his eyes and

takes another slow swallow



the burning sensation

to numb


And drown out

His sorrow




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