POF frustrations…

The following is what I have written on my POF profile:

** Sorry, but I’m just not attracted to black men**

I’m a single mom of one, a RN and the Senior PA nurse for the states most reputable contracted Medicaid company-formerly a hospice nurse. I ” lead” 13 nurses and work closely with a lot of very important people with high titles and advanced degrees-and have earned all of their respect. I ve overcome a lot in my life so I believe in giving back by doing volunteer work. I also advocate for suicide awareness/prevention and addiction and mental health related issues.

For fun, I’m into live music, festivals, Saints football, NOLA, road trips, artsy stuff, writing and poetry. I also have a blog that is currently being read in 17 countries. I am on the ” free spirited rocker chick side” but dont let that fool you. God, family and old fashioned morals and values are important to me.

I want “real” and I m ready to give “him” all that I have. The men that I typically date and associate with are: educated, professionals, take care of themselves, like to have fun, love music/arts and have the same values that I do. My biggest wish is to have someone to go to church with.

Merry Christmas to all..

**Gentlemen PLEASE-my name is Tiffany-not hun, baby, sexy etc**


I do not know why I go out of my way to write a decent profile. No one seems to read them.

Most men just respond to pictures, without ever reading the profiles. If they do read them, they dont pay much attention or take whats written seriously.

Last night, I had a black guy message me telling me that he didnt believe me when I said I wasn’t attracted to black men and proceeded to tell me that he wanted to become a ” good friend”. He was not referring to a platonic friendship.

When I replied back with my  “rejection email” , he told me I had an attitude.

Remember, the very first thing my profile says is ” sorry, I m not attracted to black men”. He read that and emailed me anyway-telling me he didn’t believe me. Then got pissy when I rejected him. HELLO! He set himself up for that and I refuse to accept responsibility!

This morning, I got a second or third message from a man I never replied back to. He clearly does not fit the description of the type that  I date, which he d know if he read my profile.  He also had pics of his butt and another of himself laying in bed shirtless and halfway covered up. Seriously-an actual butt pic and one of him in bed. If I did this as a women, I’d be labeled as a slut.

I’m willing to bet that he also complains about how he can’t find a “quality woman”.

Anyway, I was incrediably frustrated at this point. I replied back: Please stop emailing me, you are not my type..and butt and bed pics, seriously? Gross!!

I just couldnt help myself. It just had to come out.

A part of me feels bad for being ugly but as I said, it just had to be released.

Some good came out of it though. He took down those two pics, lol. The “butt pic” was replaced by one of him standing in front of a urinal in a public restroom. At least he s trying though right? Bless his heart! 

My fellow single online dating ladies-you are very welcome! 😂

Thanks for reading and laughing with me!




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