Damned if I do and damned if I don’t..

*this is a repost and my 2nd post from my original blog. Written over a year ago*

A few months ago on Match.com, I graciously responded back to an email from an older gentlemen who expressed interest in me, with a “I’m sorry…” He replied back thanking me and telling me how much class I had for doing that. I was honestly very touched that he thought that I had “class” and that he held me is such high regard. I have always tried to answer anyone that has sent me a reasonable message because I just think it’s the right thing to do. Even if it’s just, “thanks, but sorry, I’m not your girl…”

However, recently, this has not always worked out well for me. I have had to send a lot of “rejection emails” unfortunately. The replies I’ve gotten back have been full on insults such as “your too fat for me anyway, I was just being nice,” “your not that pretty anyway,” or “you don’t know a good man if you see him” The best part is when they send the insults and then block me so that I can’t reply back–what a bunch of ____!

Just yesterday, I had one that sent me back a very polite response thanking me for even responding back and wishing me luck. However, an hour later he sent me another one stating that I needed to grow up. I was gonna respond back but couldn’t cuz he, too, blocked me. Then an hour after, he then sent me another ugly one. Apparently, even if someone blocks you, they can still continue to email you. I finally blocked him to stop the craziness.

Here’s the thing…my profile says EXACTLY what I”m attracted too and what I’m looking for…and I even throw in what I’m NOT looking for. Approximately 98% of the messages I get are from men that are the exact opposite and/or have the qualities that I don’t want and they get pissed off and lash out at me when I turn them down. WTF?

Just because I may not be “digging them” doesn’t mean I think they are bad people , are not “good men” or even that I’m falsely representing myself, am shallow etc etc , it just simply means that I’m not into them dating wise.

Moving on….because the responding insults were getting to much, I decided to just pull the “not answer thing” Well, that’s not going very well either. They continue to email me over and over and eventually that all turns into insults of “you think your too good for me” etc etc..The following emails I got after not answering someone really blew my mind…enough so, that I had to take a picture of it because I knew no one would believe me when I told them. Here are the emails in their entirety:

“I can do better then you anyway!! All my previous many girlfriends were prettier than you!! Your loss”

6 minutes later he then sent this:

My hair stylist said that I could probably get any woman I want!! A close girlfriend of mine that knows me very well (and therefore can make a more accurate judgment of me) once said that any woman who does not like me must be crazy. She knows me very well too so her opinion is well grounded. Given all of this, it amazes me that you don’t like me”

Please note that came from a 47 year old man that is a successful college educated business owner…..

So what’s a girl to do? Answer or don’t answer??? I’m honestly in a pickle here and I just don’t know how to handle the next one that comes along….

I do have a theory about why all this happens…as well as more thoughts on the matter, but I will save for the next blog…as I think this is long enough for a Sat morning anyway…

Have a kick ass day……..


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