Kink or no Kink?

The last 3 blog posts were pretty intense so I felt like playing a little bit today. I just received this very “interesting” message on Plenty of Fish.


At least he was being respectful about it…or was he? Hmmm…Is it possible to be a freak but a gentlemen at the same time?  Can you have a “real” relationship that involves kink?  Hmmm…maybe… Christain Grey… but that’s not real life.

I find this to be a very brazen first message  and not the type I care to receive. However,  I so admire  and respect his honesty and directness at the same time.

As far as the “kinky” aspect…that is so subjective. What one views as kinky another can view as normal and vice versa.

I sent this to my BFF to give her a laugh and her response was “do you think you are kinky enough for him”?

Well, I don’t know his level of kinky. Therefore,  I can’t answer that but it’s all very irrelevant anyway because he’s not someone I find attractive. No level of “kinkiness” or “non kinkiness” can get me excited enough to have sex with someone I’m not attracted to.

My day, thus far, has involved heavy discussions over state hospice Medicaid policies  with “suits” and Dr’s with big titles.

Now my brain has shifted to a very different direction and I’m surveying what my “level of kinky” may be :p

Isn’t it wild how our minds can change in so many different directions in one day?


So off I go to do another self eval….

Sorry but when I discover the answers to this one, I will not disclose them publicly. Thats something for just that “special guy” (if “he” ever comes”) and maybe my BFF.

HA! Now I have all of you thinking about this now too 😛

Have a good day…

Peace & love








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