Education doesn’t equate cooth…

Another repost…..

There’s a particular guy that has messaged me several times on POF. I won’t give all the details about him away but I do need to allude to some of it in order to emphasize my point. His profession is one that I am very familiar with and he has the highest degree that you can obtain in the filed. He also works abroad.

I used to respect him because of his honesty and directness. In his profile, he is very clear that he will not be retiring in this country and that he’s only looking for “friends” when he comes home. He has offered me this “friendship” several times and I have always told him that I deserve more than what he has to offer me. He always respected me for that. Until today…..

Today… I got this from him..


Yes, that is the actual message he sent me. It’s also the first time that I’ve ever been so politely  and eloquently asked to f*ck someone.

Just because someone is successful and has an impressive education, doesn’t mean they have “cooth”-obviously. I don’t care how much money a man has, the kind of degree he holds and/ or what kind of initials he has behind his name, I will NOT allow myself to be treated this way or compromise my self worth for him.

My female readers, please do not allow a man to treat you this way and value yourself enough not to give into that.KNOW YOUR WORTH LADIES! A man is a man is a man, no matter what kind of title he holds or how big his bank account is. Don’t let yourself get “star struck”, for lack of a better words, and fall for this. You will only be his “toy” and will not have any real value to him.

Speaking of “toys”, ladies, they make our favorite kind rechargeable now. No more batteries! If you’d like to know where to purchase, private message me. It is better to go that route then it is to resort to lowering your standards and compromising yourself for a man like this.  Plus, you don’t have to shave prior to the activity 😉

In any case, this man-the subject at hand-doesn’t need a “friend”. What he actually needs is a prostitute. I hope he finds one soon…. bless his horny little heart!!

Thanks for reading!

Peace & love


#online dating


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