How to get rid of an online dating scammer…

I really need to laugh so I thought I’d repost this one…pulled from my last blog…I had a blast messing with this guy!!!!


About a 2 years or so ago, I started texting with this guy from Match that had a pretty hot pic. Thank God I have some common sense.. After the 2 or 3rd exchange, I smelled a rat because he was too perfect. By the 5th exchange I knew he was a scammer mostly because of the broken English and his extravagant “love and financial promises” and of how much “he couldn’t stop thinking about me”

His story was that he was a sculptor and moved to the area because he was contracted for work. He sent me his web site on exchange 4. There were some pretty impressive pieces of art on there… So impressive that it made me do google image searches on them because they reminded me of pieces that I studied about when I took Art in college .. My searches confirmed that they were made by famous artists-not by him.

I was bored at the time and thought I d play along for a bit and make him squirm. I started asking him who he was working with in our area because I came from a family of artists and cops and knew a lot of people in the community. He didn’t answer. I didn’t stop there though. The next day, I sent him the following email and tried to mimic his poor English, grammar and pronunciations:

“I m so disappointed that I had not heard back from you my love. I felt in my heart a true connections just from the little bit we texted. I felt your compassion and warmth come through the electronic lines and made my heart skip a beat and envelope your compassion. I can tell your a loving genuine person and cant wait till we start a life together. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you either my love and I feel there is a reason our paths crossed. Was so happy to hear your financially secure because I know you can provide for me because its a struggle being a single mom and sometimes I cant even afford toilet paper. My heart is aching to hear your french accent and so hope you can help me put minutes on my phone so I can hear it. Before we meet ,I hope that I can get my teeth fixed. I had a terrible terrible accident in the barn with a cow that knocked my front teeth out. So I’m so glad to hear that you didn’t care about appearances. That say a lot about the kinds of spirit and heart you have and makes my heart open to you more. I so hope I can hear your voice and meet you soon so we can start our beautiful journey together. I know that you are the one, my love.

Please my beautiful sweet love, I have to hear your voice soon”

Love always,

Your Queen,

I never heard from him again…. there went my chance to be a Nigerian Queen 😦

#online dating, #onlinedatingscammers


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